Saturday, February 12, 2011

Taxes as a Self Employed Freelance Writer

I have spent a lot of time today researching taxes as a freelance writer. I have used a tax professional in the past and watched them claim things I know are not right. I have been through the training at Jackson Hewitt for working for them and see how little they train their "tax professionals." For this reason, I feel a lot better doing them on my own.

I did not claim a lot this year in the way of expenses since I only worked from home the last few months of the year. This year I will be working from home the entire year. My "home office" is just a small desk area so I probably won't be claiming that expense, but now I am trying to figure it all out. I think I might have to buy a book.

I want to make a ton of money, but I also love my tax return at the end of the year :-)


  1. If you have any questions let me know. I have been a tax accountant for 8 plus years and in accounting for over 17. I have been doing self employment for myself since 2000. I will be talking about a lot of work from home/ work at home topics on my website too. I am more than happy to help. I know it can be a pain.

  2. I have had good and bad experiences having my taxes done. The guy we have doing them now is great and we will continue to utilize his services. He found mistakes previous preparers had made that saved us.

  3. I really want to figure this out for myself as well as I know it is important. I had such a hard time this year with taxes that I really feel it's going to be extra important with years to come.