Thursday, February 17, 2011

Reasons Why I Love Residual Income

As a work at home mom, I am still a stay at home mom as well. This means I am so busy sometimes with activities for my little ones that I don't even sit down at the computer. Today was one of those days.

We went to my daughter's Valentine's Day program and it was amazing. I loved every minute of watching her dance and not really sing. We had a good day, but we were busy.

When I finally got home, I barely had time to write a couple of articles. I look at my earnings and yes I have made money today.

Examiner and Associated Content, plus my blog are my main residual income places. It is great that when I need to take a day off people are still reading my stuff. I can make $20 or more easy on a day that I don't even touch a computer. If you aren't doing residual earnings, figure out a way to put some time into it. We all deserve a day off sometimes and now I can afford to take one.


  1. Residuals are wonderful. I really need to replace my eHow income. I have gotten to used to having it.

  2. Residual is slow, but it is a good investment.I think of it as a savings account for my future. I have had 2 Examiners since 2009 that I let slide so I am slowing incorporating those to link into my HubPages and blogs. I am slowly getting the hang of it and building things up. I love that there is not set schedule and deadlines to meet. It is what you make of it!

  3. PS- I mean, slow to start. Once you get some built up and keep going, it picks up!

  4. So far I have loved my residual income, I haven't made the amounts as you but you got into the game a lot sooner than I did but I'm getting there and I can see results already, which I really love.

  5. Just found your blog it!

  6. Mandy, I'm with you on the residuals. It's the best way to go!

    BTW, I'm loving your blog!