Monday, February 21, 2011

How Associated Content Works

When you first start writing for Associated Content, it can be a bit overwhelming. You are allowed to pick assignments off the desk or write about anything that you want to and submit it yourself.

If I am writing about coloring pages, parenting, travel, or product reviews just to name a few, I submit them up upfront payment. You will get anywhere from $2 on up to $7 or more. Your upfront payments will increase as your clout increases and your page view average. I have seen mine going up lately.

You can also submit as display only. This is what I do on articles such as television reviews, music reviews, movies, and book reviews. They do not pay upfront on these. If a popular show such as "The Bachelor" is on, I can write a recap of it. I will get over 3,000 views in one day on it. You want this type of article to post right away plus they won't pay upfront on it anyway.

I have received upfront payment on a few articles that are music or movie related. One example is this article about Lady Antebellum. Another article that I received upfront payment on was Top 10 Quotes About Love from the Movies. These are considered evergreen which means people will still look at them months or years from now and not just this week or month.

I get paid to write a few TV articles on AC, but this is because I am part of the program with a beat desk. They contacted me about this on their own. To get these options and also articles targeted to you, the best way is to write about what you love. If they like your writing and have more in this area, they might contact you.

They are also changing their featured contributor program. I do not know much about how the new one will work, but will blog on it when it goes live.


  1. Thanks for the insight - you know I'm soaking up every tidbit of information I can get!

  2. I still love AC. It was one of my first jobs and I still find ways to make it work.