Saturday, February 5, 2011

Selling on Ebay

Ebay was the very first work at home thing I found to do. I have been selling on eBay for about 12 years now. It is amazing! I list the kid's clothes that are in great shape, books that I finish, and anything else I can find around the house. It is really fun to watch the price go up and see how much money you can make on it. This is a great way to earn a bit of extra income. Anytime money is short, I think to myself and figure out a few things to sell. My daughter knows if she wants a new video game that I will let her sell one she doesn't play anymore and spend the money for a new one. It works great!

If you have larger things to sell such as a bed, try out craigslist. I sell a few things on here and it is pretty simple. Just make sure you are careful since you will actually be meeting the person you sell the item.

I am trying to get back into listing more things on eBay. I have listed a pair of pajamas, a book, and a coat this week. It is pretty easy to learn. Make sure you add a picture to anything you list. You can check out the way I list things on my page. Check it out!


  1. Thank you for commenting on my blog. Good luck to your work from home, and your ebay. I did ebay back in the late 90s and did quite well with it for a few years.

    If you have any questions, feel free to email me, your question might help me with a new blog post! :)

  2. It is one of the great ways to make money on things you don't need. It solves two problems cleaning up and bringing in some cash.

  3. I was considering selling on eBay awhile ago, but it seemed so overwhelming to me that I chickened out.