Friday, December 31, 2010

Transcribing for Quicktate

If you are looking for work at home that is not writing, try quicktate. The site is at Quicktate. It is really simple work where you transcribe voicemail messages. They pay twice a month to paypal. It is not the best pay, but you can make some extra money at it. I enjoy doing it when I don't feel like writing for a bit. Try it out :-)

Articles that do Best on AC

Associated Content does not pay upfront for television reviews etc, but these are the best views I can ever get on the site. If I post something good about reality TV, such as "The Bachelor", I can guarantee thousands of views on that article. It is a great way to increase your clout and also to get some nice residuals. My articles on
"Kendra" go on yahoo since they have asked me to do them. They can get over 20,000 views easy. If you are looking to increase clout, try a few tv or celebrity articles and watch the views roll in.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Associated Content

Here is my associated content page.  I love this site! It is so much fun to be able to write on any subject that I want to that day. I get paid for views and upfront. It is one of the sites I find the most fun to write for out of all the ones I have used.

My Adventures

My name is Mandy and I used to just be a stay at home mom. We decided that we did not want to go further into debt, but the idea of getting a job was out of the question with small children at home. I started out trying to find ways to work at home. If you can try it, I probably have given it a shot. I am now a freelance writer from home and love my job! I write the most for Associated Content and even have articles up on Yahoo. Join me in my journey.