Thursday, May 10, 2012

Viggle App for the iPhone Earns Great Rewards

I recently started using an app for my iPhone. It is called Viggle. This app is a lot of fun and really easy to use. It is a free download though the iTunes store.

When you go into this App, you can earn bonus points and also earn points for watching television. You simply click a button to check in and it listens to your TV.

You then get points for watching TV. You do not earn a lot of points for normal shows, but every single night they offer huge bonus points for the main shows on television.

The bonus points are easy! You watch a video that is usually about a 30 seconds long and get an extra 15 points or so.

When I first started doing this app, I wasn't sure about it. Now today I went and checked out the rewards. I had enough points to get a $10 iTunes gift card so I thought I would cash out to try it. I was given the code for the reward right then! Most companies such as My Points or Swagbucks make you wait weeks to get your reward. Viggle gave it to me right away. I put it in my iTunes account and it worked.

I am going to keep using Viggle. It is fun and easy! You won't get rich from this app, but I am playing on my phone all the time anyway so why not?

Friday, April 20, 2012

My New Website

Hey everyone! I am still enjoying working full time from home as a writer. Examiner is my favorite place to write and what pays the bills, but I have also found a new hobby. My husband helped me to set up my own website. I am so proud of it and it is so much for me! It is Please everyone check it out! Thanks :) I hope you like it!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

'One Tree Hill' season 9 challenges

In season 9 of "One Tree Hill," we had to watch the characters all deal with their own problems and challenges. Brooke and Julian had to learn how to be the parents of twins. I do not have twins, but I could totally relate to them. I had to go through the challenge of being a mother on my own while my husband was deployed. Dealing with a newborn and a toddler at the same time was hard, but you realize you have strengths that you never knew you had! I loved watching them learn how to do it all and even dealing with sleepless nights.

If you love "One Tree Hill," you can get a copy of season 9 on DVD or Ultraviolet.

“I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote One Tree Hill Season Nine on DVD."

Find out how to get Cast on 'Bachelor Pad 3'

If you want to join the cast of "Bachelor Pad 3," check out my new article on how you can get on the show!

Find out how to get cast on "Bachelor Pad 3"

Monday, April 9, 2012

Rascal Flatts CD "Changed" Review

Rascal Flatts recently came out with a new CD titled "Changed." This group recently went to a new record company and things are going well for them.

I am a huge fan of country music, but over the years I have had mixed feelings about the group Rascal Flatts. I felt like a lot of their music was starting to sound alike, but "Changed" is exactly what the title says about the album. This does not sound like their normal music. Yes it does have a ballad or two, but there are a few more upbeat songs that have a different sound to them. I enjoyed this more than I have ever enjoyed a Rascal Flatts CD.

No matter what you think about this group, you can't go wrong with the vocals of Joe Don Rooney. His voice is flawless and sounds amazing in every song.

I have to say that "Banjo" is the song on the album that keeps getting stuck in my head. This song is catchy and fun. "She's Leaving" is a song that will have you dancing in your chair. It is about heartbreak, but not one of those sad sappy country songs, bu instead an upbeat fun song to dance to about someone leaving.

I would recommend this album to anyone who loves country music and wants to give Rascal Flatts a chance. You can check out their website as well.

I received a review copy from One2OneNetwork for this post.

Friday, April 6, 2012

Win 'One Tree Hill' Props!

As you know, I love 'One Tree Hill'! There is a new contest where you can win props from the show. If you want to enter check it out here.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

'One Tree Hill' Season 9 Ends with Returning Characters

"One Tree Hill" ended last night and I have to admit it almost hurt to delete the season pass on the DVR. This show is something I have loved for all nine season. You can even buy the DVD and I think it is a must have for sure.

I was so excited to see them bring back some of the characters we fell in love with over the years. It was amazing to see Chad Michael Murray come back as Lucas Scott. This character grabbed our hearts and fans were sad to see him go. It was also great to get to see Keith Scott return and talk to his brother Dan after his passing.

In the series finale, they brought back Bevin. It was great to see Skillz end with his one true love. She had not changed at all and was still gorgeous. What did you think of the finale of the show?

“I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote One Tree Hill Season Nine on DVD."