Thursday, April 5, 2012

'One Tree Hill' Season 9 Ends with Returning Characters

"One Tree Hill" ended last night and I have to admit it almost hurt to delete the season pass on the DVR. This show is something I have loved for all nine season. You can even buy the DVD and I think it is a must have for sure.

I was so excited to see them bring back some of the characters we fell in love with over the years. It was amazing to see Chad Michael Murray come back as Lucas Scott. This character grabbed our hearts and fans were sad to see him go. It was also great to get to see Keith Scott return and talk to his brother Dan after his passing.

In the series finale, they brought back Bevin. It was great to see Skillz end with his one true love. She had not changed at all and was still gorgeous. What did you think of the finale of the show?

“I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote One Tree Hill Season Nine on DVD."

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