Monday, April 9, 2012

Rascal Flatts CD "Changed" Review

Rascal Flatts recently came out with a new CD titled "Changed." This group recently went to a new record company and things are going well for them.

I am a huge fan of country music, but over the years I have had mixed feelings about the group Rascal Flatts. I felt like a lot of their music was starting to sound alike, but "Changed" is exactly what the title says about the album. This does not sound like their normal music. Yes it does have a ballad or two, but there are a few more upbeat songs that have a different sound to them. I enjoyed this more than I have ever enjoyed a Rascal Flatts CD.

No matter what you think about this group, you can't go wrong with the vocals of Joe Don Rooney. His voice is flawless and sounds amazing in every song.

I have to say that "Banjo" is the song on the album that keeps getting stuck in my head. This song is catchy and fun. "She's Leaving" is a song that will have you dancing in your chair. It is about heartbreak, but not one of those sad sappy country songs, bu instead an upbeat fun song to dance to about someone leaving.

I would recommend this album to anyone who loves country music and wants to give Rascal Flatts a chance. You can check out their website as well.

I received a review copy from One2OneNetwork for this post.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the updated sound.

  2. I am on this program too! They are one of the few country music people I listen to anymore. I miss the old days of being a teen when George, Garth, and Reba were super popular and I lived back in OK. SO much fun!

  3. I do agree Chrystal! That was some of the best music ever.