Thursday, May 10, 2012

Viggle App for the iPhone Earns Great Rewards

I recently started using an app for my iPhone. It is called Viggle. This app is a lot of fun and really easy to use. It is a free download though the iTunes store.

When you go into this App, you can earn bonus points and also earn points for watching television. You simply click a button to check in and it listens to your TV.

You then get points for watching TV. You do not earn a lot of points for normal shows, but every single night they offer huge bonus points for the main shows on television.

The bonus points are easy! You watch a video that is usually about a 30 seconds long and get an extra 15 points or so.

When I first started doing this app, I wasn't sure about it. Now today I went and checked out the rewards. I had enough points to get a $10 iTunes gift card so I thought I would cash out to try it. I was given the code for the reward right then! Most companies such as My Points or Swagbucks make you wait weeks to get your reward. Viggle gave it to me right away. I put it in my iTunes account and it worked.

I am going to keep using Viggle. It is fun and easy! You won't get rich from this app, but I am playing on my phone all the time anyway so why not?