Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Making Money as a Blogger

Do you realize that you can make money on your blog? Many people blog, but do not realize that it can be profitable as well. I am pretty new to blogging and I am just learning, but I want to share a few ways with you that you can earn money on your own blog.

Ad Placement
You can use a company such as Google Adsense or Chitika and allow them to place ads on your blog. When anyone clicks on these ads, you will make money. This is my main source of income from my blog, so if you ever see an ad that interests you feel free to click. You can choose from other companies as well, but these are the only ones that I use at this time. I love Google besides the fact that it has a $100 minimum payout so it might be Christmas before I see my money.


You can sign up with companies to earn money when someone purchases something from them. The only one I have set up so far is Amazon. If someone purchases a book or anything from their site through your link, you earn a percentage of the money. You can add links to your blog such as this one. This is one of my favorite CD's ever so I just used it as an example.

Blogging for Companies
Certain companies will pay you to write a blog for them about their product. I have done a couple of these and you can tell which ones they are because they mention that they are sponsored. Get a Free Belly Bag is the one I did recently. They are easy to do and pay pretty good. I use a company called Social Spark. You can also earn money for referring people to them so if you sign up please use the link since it is my referral. I know there are other companies out there, but I have not tried any yet so if you have experience with them please feel free to share.


  1. I am in the process of researching branching out beyond Adsense and Amazon. There is lots to learn.

  2. Great Post!
    And I appreciated your post abuot Associated Content in relation to placing articles that are time-sensitive (like t.v. shows)!
    I submitted a short piece about a TV show I watched last night.
    P.S. I think we watched the same TV show? (if i have it figured out who you are on AC!)

  3. oh, yeah...one question:
    I primarily have a personal blog...although there are some places where I plug my writing or speaking.
    Would you recommend creating a blog specific for those things or do you think the personal blog can do the job of both?

  4. Robin I really don't know for sure. Most people have several blogs, but so far I can only keep up with one at a time.