Saturday, January 1, 2011

Win Instant Cash Just By Answering Simple Polls

Sometimes I just don't really feel like writing or I need a break. I enjoy using instant cash sweepstakes for a short break. They are easy simple polls that you answer. They can be a lot of fun too. You are only allowed to answer so many every 3 hours. You win money, but it is usually 1 cent - 5 cents. You can cash out once you reach $2. I have cashed out from this site several times. It is just one other way to earn a bit of extra money at home.


  1. Now this looks like a fun one. Nice to see something fun plus being able to recommend it to others who just want extra pocket money. :)

    Great looking blog. :)

    --OfficeC :)

  2. I've never tried that but it does sound like fun and a way to earn extra money.

  3. Never heard of such a thing! Thanks!