Friday, January 7, 2011

Mystery Shopping

Working from home, I have tried many different things. One thing I have done is mystery shopping. The best way to get started in this is search for companies on google. You will find a ton! Only sign up for the ones that are free. If they charge you, it is either fraud or a waste of money. You do not need to pay to do these jobs. I have done several including Cato's, Sonic, IHop, and more. These can be a lot of fun, but the pay is not great. You will normally get paid back for your meals plus maybe $10. They can be fun though and a nice addition to your other income. I live in a smaller area. It might be better doing this in a large metro area if you live there. Here are a few places I have worked and been paid for the jobs.

Shoppers Inc.
Shoppers Critique
About Face


  1. I've thought about Mystery Shopping, but I'd give myself away.

  2. I've never tried mystery shopping because all the ones that I've found they wanted me to pay them to sign up which totally sounds scammy to me. I have been mystery shopped a few times while working at Subway though.

  3. I have mystery shopped, it is fun. :o)

  4. Mystery Shopping was my very first paying 'at home' gig. It was definately different, but once I found a work at home job that paid weekly, i sort of ventured away from mystery shopping. I would recommend this for anybody that wants to work at home, but still enjoy getting out.

  5. I enjoy mystery shopping. One of the benefits of living in a rural area is sometimes you can be paid more to shop the places they can't find shoppers for. I love Marketforce. I have shopped a fast food restaurant many times that paid for two meals plus as much as $20! Those are nice :)
    I also like confero. They dont have as much, but they are easy to work with.