Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Article on Favorite Books to Read my Kids

I recently wrote an article on my 10 favorite books to read my kids. It got me to thinking that I hope all children get a chance to experience these books. The article is called My 10 Favorite Books to Read my Children. These books are special to us and perfect for bed time. My favorite would have to be 'I Love You, Stinky Face.' If you have never read this book, try it out. It is amazing. 'Presenting Tallulah' by Tori Spelling has also became a fast favorite at our house.


  1. My daughter is hooked on the Junie B. Jones books, as well as the Percy Jackson books, so those are our go to books at night.

  2. Percy Jackson and Goosebumps are what my kids are into at the moment!


  3. We really love The Very Hungry caterpillar :)