Friday, January 14, 2011

Becoming a Featured Writer at Associated Content

I have seen a lot of questions about this recently so I thought I would explain how it works. Associated Content has writers who are featured. These writers must apply for the job in the category they choose. I am featured in parenting, travel, and television.

Before applying, you will want to have approx. 25 articles in this area on Associated Content. The first time I applied I was turned down for not having enough in that area. They want to see what kind of work you can do for them.

Once accepted, you will be given 3 articles per month that pay $10 each. They are supposed to be at least 400 words. These articles can be on anything that you want that has to do with your category. This is nice because they pay residuals as well just like normal articles on AC. Some of them might end up on Yahoo instead.

You are also expected to write at least one article in your category that you submit for upfront payment or post as display only.

I love that I have a guaranteed $90 worth of writing for this site every month. It has also helped me to get other assignments on their site such as a weekly review of some of my favorite shows. These were only offered to featured writers. They pay $12 each plus residuals.

If you write for associated content, this is the way to go! It will increase your possibilities and earnings. Check it out! Click on Community and then Featured Contributors on their site.


  1. This is one of my goals with AC. Thanks for the information.

  2. I haven't written for AC in ages. I might have to consider going back. How do you get a guaranteed $90 a month. I must have misunderstood some extra for something.

  3. Yea Daisy I mean because I know for a fact that I will have 9 articles that each pay $10 each for all of my featured. This is work I don't have to go find :-)

  4. i applied for feature in food last month and with all my reviews and recipes and links to DS food articles they said that they don't care for DS articles and I needed more quality articles- most all of mine are recipes.