Tuesday, January 4, 2011

David Good from "Bachelor Pad" Writing Adventures

So if you know me at all, I am a huge fan of the shows "The Bachelor" and "Bachelor Pad." Well David Good was on the season of "The Bachlorette" with Jillian Harris and then went on to be the co-winner of "Bachelor Pad." Earlier this month his publicist contacted me through associated content since I have written about him in the past. She asked if I would like a free copy of his book "The Man Code" to read and review. Of course I jumped at this chance! I would have probably bought the book anyway. Yesterday I finished up the book and wrote the review. Here it is if you want to check it out. Well after writing the article, David retweeted it on twitter for me! Of course this made my day. Well his publicist also emailed me again telling me he is available for interviews if I would like to do one! Really?  I get to talk to David Good and get paid to do it???? OMG I LOVE MY JOB! Friday morning I will have a phone call with David and interview. I will post it soon after on associated content. I love the things that have come out of my work!


  1. Congrats! How cool is that!?!

  2. Let me know when you put it up. I can pimp in on my Reality TV MySpace curator page.