Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Writing for Factoidz

I have been trying out different revenue sites and Factoidz is one that seems to be working well for me again. They have updated a lot of their features and things are going great there!

You can write articles on anything that you want on this site and they give you a small bonus for each article plus residual pay on everything. You are not required to do a certain amount per month which is great! The bonus is based your views and other things on the site.

It is a fun site that is very easy to learn. Each article has to be 400 words long. They also pay for referrals once they have done 20 articles on the site.

One more thing I love about this site is that they pay you on the 1st of every month no matter how much or little you have made with them! If you don't work that month, you still get your residual earnings.

Here is an example of an article I wrote for them about 'The Bachelor' 2012.
'The Bachelor' 2012 with Ben Flajnik Spoilers

The website is Factoidz, but please use my referral link if you decide to try it out.

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