Monday, January 23, 2012

Chitika Ads

Many people use Google and other ads to make money on their blogs. They earn money when people click the ads or when they simply get enough page views.

Another site that you can use for ads is called Chitika. I have a few ads from them at the bottom of my page and I am considering using them a bit more. One thing that is great about this site it that the payout is lower than Google so you can get your money after just earning $10. They also have a referral program. Do any of you use Chitika for ads? If so, do you like them?

If you decide to sign up with them, please use the banner below as a referral.

Get Chitika Premium


  1. I used them, but have not really done much with them. I am not sure I even have them on my website!

  2. i have heard some great things about Chitika advertising and the income has been better than adsense for a lot of bloggers. personally i havent received a great response yet. however, i do get a lot of impressions for the little bit of investment i have made so far. still awaiting the big payday.
    i have a posting describing the program and what they have to offer in more detail here;

  3. I've not heard of them but may pay them a visit. If they look workable I'll use your link. Thanks for sharing about them.