Friday, January 27, 2012

Great Boss

Guest Blog
Author: Joyce Mccall

My boss told me about clear high speed and it’s actually been really helpful. She saw that I was doing a lot of my bill pay and online banking and stuff at work and obviously that’s not exactly where I’m supposed to be doing it so it was nice when she suggested a cheap way for me to get internet at home so I could stop wasting the company’s dime. She’s actually a really good boss – super compassionate and easy to talk to – and I think that’s why I’ve stayed at this job for so long. I don’t actually love the work but I do love being able to work autonomously and not having to be at my desk for exactly 8 hours a day to get paid. I think it’s important that employers give their minions a certain level of freedom otherwise they’re not able to prove to themselves that they can do the job. They need to be trusted, that instills good work ethic, and my boss is good at that.

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