Thursday, April 7, 2011

Yanni "Truth of Touch" CD Review

Recently I received an album by Yanni called "Truth of Touch" to review for my blog. This album is not my normal kind of music. It is an all instrumental CD. It has 15 songs on it.

When I first put this album in, I did not think I would be interested in it. I sat here listening to it while I was doing some work online. I really enjoyed it. It was a very relaxing CD that was great to listen to in the background while I did work. I honestly will be listening to this more in the future.

It made me think of great music to relax while listening to it. It would be great for taking a soak in the bathtub or some background nice while reading a book.

Yanni is currently on tour if you are interested in his music. You can check out his tour dates here.

I received a free CD from One2One Network for this review and entries into a contest.

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  1. I like listening to Yanni when I am writing. Listening to music with words does not work out well for me when I am doing homework or working on a writing piece. I will listen to classical, instrumental and Celtic types. It helps to keep me motivated, too.