Monday, April 25, 2011

Making Money from Referrrals

I have never been someone who tried to push referrals or tried to make money that way. I only want people to sign up for things because they are good for them and they can profit off of it. With finding great writing opportunities, I have actually ended up making a lot of money off of referrals lately. If you love somewhere you work, share your experience. Don't be afraid to ask people to use you as a referral if they decide to sign up. Just by doing this, I have made $300 on Examiner in referrals the last few months. If you are interested in writing there, please sign up under me. Here is my referral link. Part of referring someone to a site is helping them out. I don't just refer people and then run away. Once I refer them, I feel I should help them. I will answer any questions and also subscribe to all of their content. It is a great way to make extra money and new friends!


  1. I think the point about referring and supporting are important. You find people trust you more and will come back to you when you are discussing other options if you are trustworthy and supportive when getting people to sign up.

  2. I always appreciate an honest referral. Knowing now how many people rely on them, I will actually seek them out if I know there is a program.

  3. I appreciate an honest referral too so long as its not pushy. It helps when the person really enjoys what they are referring.