Saturday, April 30, 2011

Prize from Yoplait Yogurt Blog

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog about Yoplait Yogurt for a contest. I actually won a prize pack from Yoplait full of great stuff! Here is my prize that came in the mail today. It came with a big bouncy ball, bag of silly bands, lunchbox, coupon for free yogurt, 4 ice cream spoons, 2 magnet calendars, and a scavenger hunt game.


  1. That's super cool!
    LOVE that you got some free coupons too! AWESOME!

  2. Nice! I'll be writing a product review for AC soon. Wonder if I'll get any extras with it? Hmmm. You got lots of fun stuff!

  3. I have been eating Yoplait yogurt for sometime now because of the weight you can lose and plus it's so darn good!
    That is so awesome you received that prize set!