Monday, March 28, 2011

My Favorite Thing About Easter

As Easter is getting closer, I start thinking about past memories and what I enjoy so much about this holiday. The thing that is best for me happens on the Saturday before Easter in our area.

I always take my daughters to an Easter Egg Hunt. It is in the town where I grew up. This is only 30 minutes away, but I don't make it there as often as I should honestly. It is a huge hunt that is done all by donation.

An amazing mother's club in town has kept it going. They get eggs and fill them full of candy. They also put dollar coins, two dollar bills, and other special items into some of the eggs. They put them out different places such as church lawns. They put a lot of effort into making sure this happens every single year. They go around getting donations and even stuff the eggs themselves.

The kids are divided up into different age groups. When it is time to start, they get to run around and grab as many eggs as they can get into their baskets. I love watching the different age groups and how they are scared or just go for it. My youngest daughter was all over it last year at the age of almost 2, but this year I think she might be a little shyer about it all. My 7 year old just goes like crazy. I hope she doesn't think she is too old for it too soon.

Since I can't be two places at once, my dad always takes my older daughter to her area now since I used to go with her when she was little. I miss seeing her do it, but she loves getting papa all to herself and having this time with him.

One of the best parts of it, is watching them open up all of their eggs when they are done. They go through them all and see what prizes they picked up. We can't even go home before we do it. We have to make a stop at grandma's to check out everything.

This is something I never miss doing with my children. They have a blast at this egg hunt every year and we get to see family which is a bonus. It is a tradition I plan to keep up until they are old enough they won't let me anymore.

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  1. I only remember going to one egg hunt as a child. But I don't remember much of my childhood, so that could be a reason. Family traditions are great and they are what keep us grounded and humble.

  2. I have done an Easter Egg hunt for the nieces and nephews over the years. I hide toys in the eggs and in the last few years I have bribed the older ones to come back and hide the eggs for the younger ones. Since the younger ones are in Texas I think we have finally outgrown the Egg hunts for a while. I will miss the fun. Although nobody is ready to give up on the Easter baskets.

  3. Easter is one of my favorite holidays! It is one of those rare days of the year when my entire family gets together. I also love dressing my girls up!

  4. I'm looking forward to Easter this year. Mainly because my youngest seems really excited about it this year.

  5. I wish that we had something like this in my town. this will be Hail's first Easter and I think that I am going to try and put a huge bbq/ egg hunt together in the park for all of our friends and family. It should be a lot of fun.