Sunday, March 6, 2011

Money Potential with Book Reviews

Recently I was asked how much money I make by reviewing books. I have done my book reviews on Associated Content if anyone else has used another place please feel free to post how it works as well.

My book reviews don't take long to write at all. Once I read a book that I love, my fingers start to move and the words just flow. I wrote a book review on Kendra Wilkinson's book recently. This review has made me about $3 so far, which does not sound like much, but since Kendra is still popular it gets more views every single day it should be a good Evergreen article for me. I did not get this book free like I did the other ones.

The other book reviews I have done are on books I enjoyed. They do not get as many views. I have made about $1 on each of them. I do still get views on them though so long term they might be worth a little more.

I personally feel like I made about $15 off of the reviews. I got a free book that would cost me at least $10 or more off Amazon. These were books that I wanted to buy and read anyway. I did not read them just to do the review because I would have done it anyway. This to me says that it is worth every minute I put into the review.


  1. I have noticed a pick up in blog traffic from some of my book reviews on my education site. I am cheap, I use the library so my costs are gas for the trip to the library.

  2. I used to put my book reviews up on Helium when I first started doing them a few years ago. Now I do them for the websites/companies that request them and my blog. Part of the agreement with the companies it to put them on my blog. Since Hubs doesnt really care for duplicate content I just use them for revenue from my blogs.

  3. That's great! I'm glad you posted that and I hope you didn't think I was being too nosey when I asked LOL It just never occurred to me to do book reviews on AC.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I see that you also have a link to purchase the book from Amazon. Does this make you money as well?

    Always appreciate your posts here! I learn alot.