Saturday, March 5, 2011

K-Mart/Sears Reward Card

When you go into a store, several of them want you to sign up for a rewards card. Sometimes you wonder if it is worth it or not. Well the K-Mart and Sears one is worth it!

You can use this card to earn points at both stores. If you are like me, you might make a big purchase at Sears such as a freezer. This could earn you a lot of points! I also shop at K-Mart on a regular basis with coupons and sales. For every 1,000 points you earn, you will get $1.00 credit. You can easily use this anytime you want when you check out at the store.

One day I bought a lot of stuff so I decided to see how many points I had earned. I ended up getting $14 off of my purchase. That alone made me remember to use this card every time I shop! I had only used it for small purchases and nothing big so it adds up fast.

Once you spend a certain amount, you will be upgraded to VIP and get bonus points every year. You can track your points online or at the bottom of your receipts. Make sure next time you are there you sign up for the card and use it when you shop.


  1. I recently stopped in the Kmart that was closest to me. Monday on the day I took off. I forget I have all these cards, but she asked me for it and I was trying to remember what it does. Thanks for the reminder. I don't get there often, but since they re-did the clothing section of the store and dropped their prices (walmart is across the street and cheaper) I may have to go in there more often! Walmart doesnt have a card!!

  2. We don't have a local KMart but we did sign up when we were at Sears. Our purchases there tend to be on the "larger" size.

  3. That's neat. All reward cards should have rewards like this.