Sunday, August 14, 2011

Losing Weight While Working from Home

I have started trying to lose weight and this is a hard thing to do while you are working from home. Don't you just want to snack at your desk all day or grab a pop from the fridge? Isn't it hard to make yourself leave the house when you don't really have to do it?

I am working hard on this and going to gym every day plus counting calories. It takes motivation more than other people realize when you are a work at home mom. I will win this battle and keep fighting hard! Any advice or support is greatly appreciated :)


  1. Good goal. I too need to lose some weight. I don't snack much while I'm working but when I take a break, yep, I've been known to grab a snack and not always a healthy one. Buying only healthy foods (fruits, nuts, etc.) is a good idea but not one I do myself. It's hard for sure!

  2. I have been making small, easy to reach goals, and one baby step at a time!! You can do it!!! :)