Sunday, November 20, 2011

Social Spark Pays to Blog

I have been using Social Spark for awhile, but have only done a few blogs for them. They pay you to blog about something they want to promote. I had made $18.50 and it had been sitting there because you could not cash out until $50.

I am happy to say that they changed this! You can now cash out anytime, but if it is under $50 you have a $2 service fee. They pay so well for blogs that this fee is worth it! I just did a blog that took me about 10 minutes and will pay me $15. That is fast and easy money! You just have to be chosen by them to do a blog. I would say it is worth checking out!

I also want to say that I cashed out today and I got my money in less than 1 minute straight to my paypal account.

You can also make a commission on people you refer, but you have to refer 5 people before it starts. If you do sign up, please use my link.


  1. Great news. It's always wonderful when you can find a new way to make money writing.

  2. Huge fan of this site, even though I don't use them as much as I used to.