Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Things that People Search for Online

As a writer, I am quickly learning the things that people look for online. It is shocking to me what some of the popular topics are honestly. If it is strange or weird people love it! As an example, one of my best articles on Examiner is about a woman who ate her husband's ashes after he died. The article is titled 'My Strange Addiction' Woman Can't Stop Eating Dead Husband's Ashes. You can read it here. People must just love shock factor!

Another thing that surprises me is how much people want to follow people from reality shows long after the show is over. People care about Blake Julian and Holly Durst from "Bachelor Pad 2" so much! This recent article is called 'Holly Durst Starts Using Fiance as New Dentist.' You can read it here.  Why on earth do people care so much who cleans her teeth? They really do care though!

Do you have any things you write on that you are surprised do so well? Are you shocked at what interests people sometimes?

Here is another example of something everyone loves to read about right now. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Back Together and Camping


  1. I can't imagine eating your husband's ashes. YUCK!!!

  2. Wow I cannot imagine eating someone's ashes. Reading that makes me wonder if perhaps she had a vitamin or mineral deficiency of some kind? Still, it's not something I'd want to try....ever.

  3. It does give you a window into the world.

  4. Right now it seems like people just care about celebrities.