Saturday, July 23, 2011

Movie Mom and New Examiner Title!

I was recently accepted as the Movie Mom for a local radio station. I will be taking my kids to see a movie once a week. I will then go on the radio and review the movie telling them my opinions on it. I wanted to take full advantage of the situation so I spoke to my boss at Examiner. I have now been accepted as the Oklahoma City Family Movie Examiner. I will be able to write review of the movies on there. I am really excited about this new opportunity! You can check out my new Examiner page here.


  1. How exciting! This sounds like lots of fun as well as a great opportunity to earn some cash!!

  2. This is great.
    Did you land the radio gig because you were the local examiner on the topic, or vice-versa?

  3. I honestly think that fact that I am a writer helped me to get the job at the radio station. Then I got the new title because of that job :)